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Benny Hinn - Witnesses & Links

On this page you will find more links to English websites.
If you want to know more about Benny Hinn and his ministry, then visit
www.bennyhinn.org and watch and listen his own words!
Dutch links (Nederlandse links) - Click here...


August 31, 2009 - www.examiner.com David-C-Lewis-on-being-a-messenger...
     ...So there are different streams, different dispensations and it's all wonderful because when an individual really has placed God first and desires serving humanity and serving God, they can be utilized by the Holy Spirit. Benny Hinn is another example. In his service, the power of the Holy Spirit is definitely there. He is a clear voice for a certain group of people. It's a different calling than what I'm called to, but it doesn't make it any less important. In fact, he's able to contact many, many Christians and bring them to a higher understanding of who the Holy Spirit is, who Jesus really is and convey healing and love and the power of the Holy Spirit to thousands....

1-8-2009 Nieuwe video: Doven zullen horen...
Benny Hinn legt zijn handen op vele dove en slechthorenden mensen.


November 2008 - And They Glorified God Who Had Given Such Power to Men…
Posted on November 2, 2008 by Rina
     Yesterday we went to a Benny Hinn “Miracle Crusade.” It wasn’t at all what I’d expected! Pastor Benny was soft-spoken and extremely down to earth, and there was nothing “showy” about any of it. In fact, I was surprised by how little action there was. It was all very much like a typical church service until the end when Pastor Benny began to receive words of knowledge regarding healings and started to call them out. “There is someone here with arthritis, God wants to heal that right now,” and “there is someone here who has diabetes and the Lord is healing it,” etc. I looked around and from where I sat, it seemed as if nothing at all was happening. This went on for a little while until Pastor Benny asked for everyone who had received a healing to come forward and I was shocked to see how many people there were! On both sides of the auditorium, the line extended almost to the back of the conference center.
     I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about that. I came into the service, fully expecting Pastor Hinn to be all over the building, laying hands on people for healing, snatching old men out of wheelchairs, swiping crutches, crying “Hallelujah!” and “Praise JE-sus!” I expected shouting and weeping and people being “slain in the spirit” as he walked by. To be honest, I expected to be a little uncomfortable. I even expected to doubt what I was seeing. But Pastor Benny never even left the platform. Everyone who claimed a healing had been healed from their seats. He never shouted or grabbed anyone. He never even prayed for anyone’s healing! He simply stood at the podium and asked the Holy Spirit to show up. There was nothing sensational about that service and I was actually somewhat disappointed.

Sept. 3, 2008 - Benny Hinn Testimony
Two videos with a testimony of a Bulgarian man about Benny Hinn. He red the book 'Good morning Holy Spirit. In 2002 he went with a friend to the Miracle Crusade in Marseille, France, where Benny Hinn called them on the platform and asked them to sing their song and to pray that he had to come to Bulgaria. Watch and listen to his story.

March 22, 2008 - Benny Hinn Communion Service...
     Went to my first Benny Hinn event last night (21st March) and had a wonderful time. It was held at the ExCel Center in London's Docklands and it was also my first visit there. I have to say I was impressed by the ExCel Center, easy parking, easy to get out and the concessions weren't too expensive considering.
     The service was packed, really packed. 12,600 people attended the event with several thousand turned away. We arrived over 2 hours early and had to sit about half way back in the arena. With one hour to go the place was full with repeated calls to find available seats.........


Sept. 29, 2007 - Blog: God's warrior princess-the firebride...
The beginning of the wk, the outside of my right eye was very sore and tender. I thought it was because I had been rubbing it because I got soap in my eye. So, I let it go, it was still feeling sore Thursday when I woke from sleep. I loked in the mirror and my bottom eye lid looked redden and swollen and it looked like a stye was beginning to form. I immediately took authority thru the word of God and cursed the thing at it's root and proclaimed Isaiah 54:17 which states, NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER! I dressed for work, turned on the television to Benny Hinn (I watch him every morning-great way to start my day) and at the end of the program he was praying for healings. And he stated, "Someone with an eye infection has just been healed". I said, "Lord, I recieve that healing in Jesus' name by faith!" Then I went to work refreshed and forgot all about it until I got home, then I looked in the mirror and VIOLA!All the redness was gone-no stye! I immediately started praising God and thanking Him for His healing! The God of the breakthrough is breaking thru right now so get in line!

July 29, 2007 - Blogspirit.com/archive/2007/07/29/ What-a-great-few-days...
     I came back at 4am this morning having been up in London for the last three days at the Benny Hinn Miracle Rally. WOW!! We intially went up to volunteer on the bookstore but were afforded the opportunity to sing in the choir. It was great to be able to see close hand the miracles that were happenning. I saw with my own eyes children hearing for the first time in their life. Others walking for the first time in their life. Cancers healed. Pain gone. Backs healed. And many other amazing things. I don't know how these nutters who say that it is all rigged have any evidence for such nonsense.
     It was also good to see the conduct of the Benn Hinn staff. I have always wondered what Hinn is like when not in the spotlight and I saw plenty of examples of how he is by the way that I was treated by his team, and a few sights of him off of the stage when no one was looking (I had to see). The team were highly efficient, gifted, organised, hard working, and I was surprised at how much they laugh and smile and enjoy what they are doing. BUT, when it came time to get stuff done they got it done with excellence. I learnt alot from that. I now know Why God blesses Benny's ministry. They are servants of God. Needless to say that it had a profound impact on my life. I will never forget what I saw.
     I mean I have been to loads of his crusades and have seen so many of the amazing miracles that God does, but this for me was the best. I went with my friend Nathan Beech (which always guarantees a great time) and we stayed at a hotel and had a blast. I haven't laughed so hard for a long time. My stomach is aching now from laughing so much. 'And oh what Joy flood o'er my soul!'. hee hee.

July 25, 2007 - www.ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=38668
RELIGION: U.S. Evangelicals Approach Muslim Envoys
By Bill Berkowitz
     OAKLAND, Jul 25 (IPS) - That it happened at all was a major feat. That not much was resolved was not surprising. That those involved are determined to meet again is fascinating. That it was organised by a controversial faith healer has made it that much more noteworthy.
In early July, a historic meeting took place "behind closed doors" at the Egyptian embassy in Washington, the Washington Times' Julia Duin recently reported. The two-hour meeting, between mostly conservative U.S evangelical Christian leaders, and ambassadors and advisors from several Middle East countries, was "orchestrated" by the flamboyant Pentecostal evangelist Benny Hinn, founder of Benny Hinn Ministries. 
     "The meeting was extremely productive," said Hinn, a pastor well known for his international healing crusades. "We had a candid exchange of ideas. The Christian leaders who met with the Middle Eastern ambassadors and advisors represented many factions of the religious community, from evangelicals to Pentecostals and more traditional denominations, and from educators to political insiders." 
     "The purpose of the exchange was to encourage continuing dialogue between evangelical Christians and Arab leaders for the purpose of furthering the Gospel in these regions. I truly feel it was the beginning of a new era of opening the door to the Gospel in the Middle East," he said.

July 7, 2007 - Worldnetdaily.com/news - Christians and Muslims in historic meetings
by Jonathan Fallwell
On Monday, July 2, I attended what I can only pray may become a historic meeting. Several weeks ago, I received a call about attending a meeting at the Egyptian Embassy in Washington, D.C. I was told this meeting would be hosted by the ambassador from Egypt and might be attended by representatives of other Arab nations, as well as by 10-15 pastors, evangelists and Christian media representatives. 
My interest stirred, I agreed to attend the meeting even though I was not quite sure of its purpose. I asked Dr. Ron Godwin, Liberty University's executive vice president, to attend with me. When we arrived at the Embassy, we were greeted by Evangelist Benny Hinn and introduced to several other pastors, evangelists, Christian TV producers and representatives of Christian organizations. Among them were Gordon Robertson of the 700 Club, Paul Crouch Jr. of Trinity Broadcasting Network, Christian lobbyist Ralph Reed, Richard Cizik of the National Association of Evangelicals, Vernon Brewer of WorldHelp and several others.

May 20, 2007- AllAfrica.com - Uganda: Benny Hinn's Miracles
LIKE the cry of a new-born baby would move its mother to tears, the unintelligible whimpering of a deaf woman, trying to speak for the first time, moved hundreds of people to tears.

The woman, hearing for the first time, helplessly stood before US-based preacher Benny Hinn with tears streaming down her face and pointing to the heavens. 
"This is so exciting. The presence of God is really here. She was deaf and dumb, but she can now hear. Raise your hands and voices and give thanks to God," Hinn told the crowd that exploded into a monstrous applause that equalled the deafening sound made when he emerged on the stage at Mandela National stadium, Namboole.
Hundreds of people followed the healed lady to the stage with emotional testimonies. Empty wheel chairs, crutches and mattresses on which they had been confined, were brought to the stage as the lame walked, the sick got healed, the deaf and dumb heard and spoke their first words.....

May 20, 2007 - www.NewVision.co.ug - Pastors hit by spiritual force at Hinn crusade...
RENOWNED pastors including Robert Kayanja were hit by a spiritual force which threw them down flat on the ground during international evangelist Pastor Benny Hinn’s crusade on Saturday. 
The other pastors, who experienced the spiritual force before multitudes of Christians at Namboole Stadium, were Imelda Namutebi, Isaac Kiwewesi, John Michael Mugerwa and a pastor from West Africa. 
The crusade was also attended by the First Lady, Janet Museveni, who asked Ugandans to pray without ceasing. The Police estimated the attendance at over 100,000 people, on each of the two days. The field and all the 42,000 seats in the pavilion were filled.....

(Photo: Mrs. Janet Museveni, President Yoweri Museveni and Pastor Benny Hinn at State House)

May 17, 2007 - Uganda: Benny Hinn Has a Gift
Raphael Okello
SINCE 1990, when he started evangelising, Pastor Benny Hinn has travelled to many nations of the world, preaching salvation and bringing healing to millions of the broken-hearted and cancer victims, among other illnesses.
Until today, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa were the only African countries blessed with his visit.
And now Uganda, a regular host to renowned international evangelists, rejoices to finally have him.
People from all walks of life, in Uganda and across the border, are expected to go to Namboole Stadium today for Benny Hinn's healing Crusade at 5:00pm and Saturday at 4:00pm.
Many are expected to attend the crusade in search of healing, miracles and spiritual revival. Others may want to just witness a historic mammoth gathering brought by the American-based international evangelist.
An amazing 5,000-member choir from Pentecostal churches will sing at the crusade.
Hinn's visit is a highly-billed spiritual episode in Uganda and among all Ugandan born-again Christians, some of whom travelled to Nairobi in 2001, to attend his crusade that was attended by more than a million people.
Such is the compelling influence of Hinn's healing crusades that Police has mapped out a provisional traffic route for vehicles to divert an inevitable traffic catastrophe.

Februari 7, 2007 Pastor Benny Hinn's First Boston Crusade
It was just like any other day here in Boston Mass. One thing that ran in people's mind was "Benny Hinn is in town". Who doesn't know him? A powerful man of God known to be among the giants and super powers of the gospel. He is anointed and very sensitive to the Holy Spirit. His best seller "Good Morning Holy Spirit" speaks by its self how he has drawn himself close to God.
TD Bank North was packed, you could tell the people of Boston were hungry to hear the word of God and witness his power. The sound of the choir was angelic, the crowed was excited and waiting, the anointing of God full in the place. I witnessed something that I just used to hear. The man of God has a fear of God. One of the most important thing I noticed was he was very careful of taking God's Glory. He would do anything for people to give all the glory back to God. Even the way he entered to the platform.. he entered with a song to avoid people shouting and clupping for him.


December 8, 2006 - Benny Hinn: a brother in Christ
There is a lot of things being said about a man named Benny Hinn. Benny is a preacher and evangelist of the TBN broadcast television show and a world wide evangelist. There have been many things said in error on this man and this blog is to set the record straight from an unbiased observer.
Most of the comments made are belittling the man for all he has and is doing. Sadly they come from christian people. The most common statements are that he is a false prophet and a faith healer, which in most church or evangelical circles is a bad label.
Nothing good is ever said about Benny Hinn. I think we need to put our spiritual glasses on and really see what is happening. Now i'm not saying Benny is perfect or has always done or said everything correctly...
   [...]   In summary let me say this. If you think Benny Hinn is lost and is a false teacher then everyone charismatic and Pentecostal must also be lost. Do you believe this?
As a whole I see a man who carries the gospel to the world, preaches truth, and stands for the Jesus we all believe. Benny by Faith has followed God and because of it God has done awesome things. Only in heaven will we know how many souls listened to Benny teach or preach and accept to follow Christ for the first time. I'm sure it is many. He may not do it the conventional way but I don't think we need to condemn him unless we hear real false teachings.
I remember the disciples were criticizing a group casting out demons in Jesus name because they weren't with them. What did Jesus say? Don't be against them for they are with us. They were on their side. Maybe we should look at Benny through spiritual, loving glasses and say, "He's on our side."

November 20, 2006 - To those who judge
Let those without sin, throw the first stone.
...God can defend His own name, and God will judge, and he has not make Daniel the judge here on earth nor anyone else? For we are told to judge, but not forgetting, we are too in the ministry of reconciliation. So what standard are these people using when they judge TB Joshua or Benny Hinn? Their own. of course. If it is God’s Word, they would have remembered the two commands...

HOLLYWOOD, CA — Healing Evangelist Benny Hinn gave more than $25,000 to the High Adventure Ministries who operate a radio station for the Middle East under the guidance of Pastor Bob Rodgers of Evangel World Prayer Center in Louisville, KY. It was a blessing that Hinn wanted to share in the effort to build a new transmitter for the station in Liberia, Africa.
The Hollywood Tent Revival was held in that glitzy city with the event geared toward touching this area with the message of Jesus Christ. Organized by Sonset Ministries and High Adventure Ministries of Louisville, Kentucky, it was four days of the glory of God that started on Wednesday night and ended on Saturday with Hispanic ministries of the San Bernardino Valley.
The highlight of the entire tent meeting was Benny Hinn. Hinn addressed the current war that was going on in Iraq and how it would affect the preaching of the gospel in the Middle East. "Years ago in the 1970’s, I was asked to speak at Christ for the Nations. As I was leaving that day a man spoke to me and said, ‘Thus saith the Lord, you will preach the gospel in the Arab World.’ My passport says, born in Israel. Does he realize if you are born in Israel it is very hard to enter the Arab lands and do anything?" It was right after Hinn had spoken that that Freda Lindsey said, "That man has never been wrong." She was speaking about the prophet who had spoken into Benny Hinn’s life.
The prophecy spoken to Hinn at Christ for the Nations has slowly but surely began to take hold. Recently Hinn was asked to preach the gospel in Jordan by the minister of Tourism and little by little, the way has been made for the gospel to go forward in Egypt and other Muslim Nations.
Hinn began to speak about the work that Pastor Bob Rodgers is doing in conjunction with High Adventure Ministries in Louisville. The gospel will be preached to all of Africa and the Muslim world through Voice of Jerusalem radio and the Voice of Hope. It was on this occasion that Hinn gave $25,000 to the new work of building a transmitter in Liberia to send the Word of God to the Islamic nations of Africa and the Middle East.


2005 Michael W Smith en Benny Hinn: Healing Rain


Benny Hinn: India Healing Crusade
The 700 Club  -  March 31, 2004
The evangelist talks about his healing crusade in Mumbai, India, which had nearly five million attendees.

Millions Gather for Healing Crusade 
Benny Hinn recently conducted a healing crusade in India that drew one of the largest crowds ever. People came from all areas of India and from other countries as well to an event called Festival of Blessings on February 13-15 in Bandra Kurla Complex, northwest Mumbai. They came for many reasons - some to witness this historic gathering, some for healing, some out of curiosity, and some to get answers to prayer and miracles. More than 1.3 million attended the first night; 1.5 million came the second night. The crowd swelled to 2 million by the third and final service, making the final night's services the largest recorded in history for a healing service. Many notable officials attended. Read more...

More Witnesses:

Jack Hayford:
"I’m often asked about the ministry of Benny Hinn. The fact of the matter is that I know Benny very well, and we are very good personal friends. I enjoy much trust of this man and grateful for his friendship. Because of some of the flamboyant styles of Benny and the uniqueness of his personality he draws a lot of flack from people that don’t like the way he does things. Well let me tell you the secret to Benny Hinn’s ministry. It’s not the power that takes place in the miracles. It’s the way that he leads people in worship before the Lord and points them to come before Him. And what you often see on television is just the miracle part of the service, but it has been preceded by 45 minutes to an hour of people just being brought into the presence of God. Read more...

This is a list of resources regarding Benny Hinn, The Benny Hinn Ministries, This is Your Day and the This is Your Day Crusade, including resources for books by Benny Hinn, fan material, reports on crusades, and other material. We have found so many good resources that the lsit has been subdivided Read more...

"This Is Your Day" with Pastor Benny Hinn takes you to major crusades across America and around the world. You’ll experience the presence of the Holy Spirit through anointed worship, witness the miracle-working power of God through exciting testimonies of physical and emotional healing, and be thrilled as thousands come forward in every service to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Bleeding Hearts and Propaganda: The Fall of Reason in the Church by James R. Spencer
It was the tone that bothered me more than anything else. The tone brought me up short; stopped me dead. It was one of those moments marking a turning point in my life, something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I will always mark, with a certain sadness, the day I was forced to grow up a little more.
The picture I carry in my mind is one of driving my car along the freeway feeder going into downtown Boise on a warm spring afternoon in 1992. My radio is tuned to the local Christian radio station and I am listening to "The Bible Answer Man." As I listened, the hair stood up on my arms and my spirit was grieved.
I didn’t listen to the show very often in those days. I had been a friend of the founder of the Christian Research Institute (CRI)and the host of "The Bible Answer Man," the late Dr. Walter Martin. I had been a guest on the show when he was alive. I had met the man who replaced him as president of CRI and host of "The Bible Answer Man" program Hank Hanegraaff, who was now–as I listened–excoriating a controversial evangelist, Benny Hinn. Read more...
James Spencer is autor of the book called 'Heresy Hunters' - and many more...

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